Arch w/Blower per day

Arch w/Blower per day

    • Setup Area: 26'x26'

    • $99.99
    • Please call to reserve this item.

Rainbow Arch 26' widex13' tall ovrall, inside 10.5'x21'


1. Open the  packaging, spread the arch, at the front of arch, fasten the rope at the two  rope buckles respectively same as the back two rope buckles.
2. Put the  sandbags into the bottom of arch.
3. Adjust  position, put the blower at the air inlet.
4. Please  pay attention to weather changes. If  the wind scale more than Level 6 (25mph), Please  don't blow arch.
5. In the  process, only if the pedestrian accidentally knocked off the power to make arch  down, as long as to plug the power supply, the arch can stand up again.


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