Balloon Arch Pearl 20' wide INDOOR ONLY

Balloon Arch Pearl 20' wide INDOOR ONLY

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Ideal uses: Ballroom entrance decor, stage backdrop, buffet decor, dance floor criss-crossing canopy (order 2), trade show aisle decor

  • Dimensions: 20 feet wide and 10 feet high.
  • Includes 25-30 11in latex balloons, treated with Hi-Float, tied to a clear monofilament line, which is anchored to a weight at each end.
  • Includes 6 extra 11in latex balloons, attached to a weight, to be used for repair work.*
  • Float Time: 2 days indoors. No guarantee if used outdoors.
  • Anchors: Included
  • Removal: Responsibility of customer. All materials are disposable.

11-inch latex balloons are the standard size — slightly larger than a football.

SELECT YOUR COLORS — Please list the desired colors in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box during checkout. See the color chart tab to the left of the arch image.

About the photos: Arches are sold as single units. Multiple arches can be purchased to create criss-crossing displays.

*Repairing Popped Balloons

Latex balloons are fragile by nature and can pop for no apparent reason. This is usually related to a nearly invisible weak spot in the balloon surface which can fail at any time. Because a popped balloon in a Pearl Arch is a very visible defect, it is important that customers know how to repair such damage if our installer has already left the site. Our installer will provide 6 spare balloons for this purpose and demonstrate how you can quickly make a repair.


20-FT WIDE PEARL ARCH Float Time: 15 Hours (INDOOR ONLY!) Size: 20 feet wide and 10 feet high Anchors: Included Select up to four colors CALL FOR MULTIPLE PRICING (35'-35balloons)

30' wide by 15' high $159.99

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