Margarita Mix put flavor in notes

Margarita Mix put flavor in notes

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Watermelon, Peach Bellini 

Flavors normally in stock. CHECK SHELF. strawberry, pina colada,lemon/lime

Strawberry mix as follows: Mix + 2.5 galloons of cold water, 2 liters tequila or 2 liters rum, stir pour into machine. 451oz

Pina Coloda mix as follows: Mix + 1.5 gallons of cold water,  2 liters Rum, 1 gallon whole milk, stir pour into machine. 451oz
Margarita Lime mix as follows: Mix + 3.25 gallons of cold water, 3 liters tequila and 1/2-1 liter Triple Sec., stir pour into machine. 500-513oz

Special order flavors below:

Our Flavors

We manufacture our award-winning mix concentrates right here at our plant in the Texas Hill Country. Our twenty six liquid concentrates come packed 6-half gallons per case. Most all our mixes are naturally flavored including margarita, strawberry, raspberry, pina colada, painkiller, POGO and others. All flavors are perfectly formulated with PURE CANE SUGAR to make mouthwatering frozen drinks in any frozen margarita machine or granita machine. Each half gallon margarita concentrate makes about 5-gallons of frozen drinks. In all our mixes, adding alcohol is optional.

NEWS FLASH: Now all Margarita Man mix concentrates are made using Pure Cane Sugar not high fructose corn syrup.  Ask your Margarita Man or purchase a bottle or a case.

Margarita Man concentrates come packed six 1/2 


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